Using sustainability to attract customers and build loyalty: communication and influence

Online at the Better Hospitality Conference 9-10am 21st April 2021

How can hospitality businesses best communicate their sustainability efforts and use them to attract more customers, build loyalty and influence sustainable choices? This session will discuss the pros and cons of different ways of communicating sustainability covering quantitative, qualitative, and narrative approaches. Anya Doherty, founder of Foodsteps, will provide insight into calculating carbon footprint and how businesses are approaching net zero targets, while Giles Gibbons will be able to share some examples from the Net Zero Restaurant Protocol. We will also consider how to prompt customers into sustainable choices both within your premises and to encourage them to choose your restaurant in the first place.

About the speakers

Anya Doherty

Anya founded Foodsteps in 2018 to help food businesses reduce their carbon footprint and environmental impacts. She previously conducted research at the University of Cambridge into sustainable food systems and co-led the first trials into carbon footprint labelling at cafeterias in Cambridge. Foodsteps now works with partners across the food supply chain to improve environmental outcomes, and in 2020 was awarded Innovate UK’s Sustainability Innovation Fund prize.

Domini Hogg

Domini Hogg is founder of Tried & Supplied, a purchasing platform that helps manage sustainability and nutritional data from sourcing right through to purchasing and menu creation. In developing Tried & Supplied Domini is drawing on her extensive experience of software development and data management as well as her expertise in sustainability and knowledge of the hospitality industry.

Giles Gibbons

Giles is the Founder and Chair of The Sustainable Restaurant Association and FoodMadeGood Global. He has been involved in helping fast forward sustainability in the food sector for over 25 years.