Why we need a food web not a food chain as shown by the Manchester Veg People

Online at the Better Hospitality Conference 10-11am 21st April 2021

Manchester Veg People is a group of growers, restaurants and caterers that work together to share the risks of production. The buyers crop plan with the growers providing security for the growers, whilst the buyers, in turn, have a guarantee of the freshest top quality produce they want when they want it. The development of the coop was facilitated by the Kindling Trust, an NGO that works to challenge the industrial food system at every point of the supply chain. Speakers from the Kindling Trust will share the journey of building the coop, what their experience has taught them individually and as a coop and what the future holds.

About the speakers

Helen Woodcock

Helen is co-founder of Greater Manchester’s Kindling Trust – working to create a fairer, more sustainable food system. Helen has helped establish a range of practical initiatives including FarmStart training programme, Manchester Veg People and Veg Box People co-operatives and now Kindling Farm, a pioneering agroforestry farm for the Northwest.