How to reduce kitchen waste: food and packaging

Online at the Better Hospitality Conference 2-3pm 20th April 2021

Vojtech Vegh, author of the new book Surplus, a practical guide to reducing waste in professional kitchens, Colin Higgs, founder of Green + Kode, a cost-effective technology to facilitate waste reduction in kitchens, and Andrea Zick, passionate sustainability advocate and trained chef, discuss the most effective tactics they have seen in professional kitchens for reducing waste and where often the biggest savings can be made.

About the speakers

Vojtech Vegh

Vojtech is a zero-waste and plant-based chef who has gained his ten years of work experience in some of the greatest restaurants around the world. In 2018, he opened his own zero-waste vegan restaurant which happened to be the first of its kind at a time. After the closure of the restaurant, he moved back to Slovakia where he now resides and works as a zero-waste chef and food waste consultant. He has recently wrote his first book – Surplus: The food waste guide for chefs.

Colin Higgs

Colin Higgs is co-founder of Green + Kode, a University-led tech-accelerator start-up developing tech-for-good products for pressing issues in our environment. Currently, Green + Kode are developing low-cost food waste behaviour change solutions that lead to high impact results. They are currently rolling out their beta testing production models into 5 different types of commercial kitchens and are looking for more beta testers.

Andrea Zick

Foodie at heart, nutritionist with a very eclectic CV looking after everything to do with sustainability at the iconic OXO Tower Restaurant, Bar and Brasserie.

Dr. Johhny Drain – chair

Johnny is a materials scientist PhD who helps create delicious things for the world’s best restaurants and bars, and F&B brands.  He has a particular focus on using fermentation as a tool to amplify flavours and increase sustainability. He writes and speaks about the future of food and challenges in global food systems through his work with @thisisMOLD, a critically acclaimed editorial platform about designing the future of food.