Retaining your teams in uncertain times

Online at the Better Hospitality Conference 2-3pm 20th April 2021

According to a recent survey 58% of team members leave within the first 90 days of starting a role in Hospitality. This wasn’t sustainable before the pandemic and will still exist after. So how do we go about solving the evergreen problem of staff turnover ? Keeping your team focused and productive isn’t always easy. With Brexit, Covid and the regular day to day battle of hospitality , there is a lot of uncertainty around these days for our workforce & leaders to process. However, in truth, when hasn’t there been? Change and uncertainty are the only constant, and it’s your role as a leader to manage your team towards stability ,keep them & develop them, even when external circumstances are changing. So, how do you do that? Chris from will talk us through various techniques & personal experiences on how engagement & empathy will lead us through the next year and beyond.

About Chris Fletcher serves food, tech & retail brands. The services Exp101 provide their clients with the opportunity to grow their brand. Exp101 provide advisory, training & digital services. Before founding Chris has held Exec board & directorial operational positions in both global brands & challenger brands. In every business that he has worked with Chris has been able to add influence and make a significant impact. Chris is experienced in strategic roll-outs having opened over 80 sites across the country. This has included designing and implementing new site operational planning processes. Chris is skilled in moving numbers in the right direction by influencing those around him, rather than forcing the issue and causing bottlenecks to slow down growth & impact profit. Chris has developed wining teams everywhere he has been and continues to mentor these individuals.