Understanding sustainable fish and shedding light on Seaspiracy

Online at the Better Hospitality Conference 1-2pm 20th April 2021

Brexit and Covid-19 have left the UK’s fishing industry in crisis, and concerns about our global marine ecosystems continue to grow. In this session, sustainable fish experts will talk about what the last year has meant for fishers and how the hospitality sector can support the UK fishing industry, as we reopen. We’ll consider the question, ‘Can fish can be a sustainable part of menus’ and discuss how restaurateurs and chefs can source and talk about seafood sustainability. The recent documentary Seaspiracy has raised awareness of the world’s overfishing crisis, and may lead consumers to question the fish on menus. This session will arm you with all the information you need to field such questions. There will also be a chance to ask about how a sustainable fish policy can boost sales and your business brand, and how fishing can continue to be a political issue in the UK.

About the speakers

Ruth Westcott

Ruth works for Sustain; the alliance for better food and farming which began a Sustainable Fish Cities campaign by persuading the London 2012 Olympics to serve only verifiably sustainable seafood. There are now 17 UK towns and cities, and businesses serving nearly 1bn meals following suit

Caroline Bennett