Amplifying your team’s experience

Online at the Better Hospitality Conference 4-5pm 21st April 2021

Kieron will be in discussion with industry experts to understand how we can amplify our team’s experience, from recruitment, to training and development and operational excellence. We will be joined on the panel by an array of industry heroes starting with Louise Gallant who is Talent & Community Director with Harri the end-to-end talent specialists who will talk about how tech can enhance your team’s experience from selection, recruitment and onboarding. Next, we have Klaudia Mitura who is L&D Manager for The Science Group, the people team have a shared vision “to build an organisation of empowered and engaged people, who are passionate and proud to work here.” Klaudia will share strategies for blending L&D with operations to embed successful development of our people. To speak from the operator’s perspective, we have Richard Mckay who is Director of Operations in Doha for Al Moajil and Nozomi, Richard will share strategies on how operators can amplify the experience of your team. With all these elements working together you will have a thoroughly amped up team, full of energy and enthusiasm for your brand mission.

About the speakers

Kieron Bailey

Five years ago I made the decision to only do what makes me smile, If you are founder or leader with a story to tell, I’m here to amplify your voice & share your story. I’m a content creator for those who love hospitality & customer experience, utilising video, podcast and the written word. 📢🎤🔥 I’m co-founder and Creator in Chief for Everything I do, I bring passion & energy to deliver amazing experiences.

Klaudia Mitura

Klaudia is a work psychologist, and a learning and development specialist. Her purpose is to embed a learning culture across organisations and boost happiness in the workplace to drive business growth and innovation. She is the host of the award-winning podcast &Happiness which explores the scientific research behind wellbeing.

Richard Mackay

Developed history working with groups such as wagamama, Benihana and NOZOMI now leading the AL Moajil Hospitality Group from inception to our current vibrant restaurant team encompassing 3 luxury fine dining brands and hotels based in the Gulf region with over 2000 team members from 17 countries.

Louise Gallant

Louise has experience in both corporate and hospitality sectors, starting out her career in operations on board cruise ships. She has worked with various organisations and strategic recruitment projects both in the UK and Globally. Louise specialises in the creation of direct sourcing models and coaches recruitment teams.