The future of work: new business models and revenue for hospitality

Online at the Better Hospitality Conference 1-2pm 21st April 2021

The world of work has been turned on its head by the pandemic and now we are facing a future where working from home will be much more normal, how people use their offices and meet with others will look very different once things start opening up again. There will be a much greater need for ad hoc and flexible work spaces. Hospitality is perfectly positioned to cater for this market. All it takes is an understanding of what makes a good working experience. This session will address what changes (from quick wins to complete redesigns) you can make to adapt your business for the future of work and how you can use this to generate additional revenue.

About the speakers

Nicholas Donnelly

Entrepreneur and founder of WorkClub focused on improving remote working for people and organisations to become more sustainable and efficient.

Jamie Dundas

Monday Works is a co-working consultancy run by Jamie Dundas, designed to help design and run your spaces, whether you’re a seasoned operator, or completely new to the world of flexible working. Jamie is passionate about helping operators build quality workspaces, attract long term members and turn a profit.

Michael Tingsager – chair

Founder and CEO of Hospitality Mavericks. We help Maverick Founders/CEO’s to unleash their team potential so they can build a business that makes profit and impact. I have been living and breathing the hospitality and restaurant industry from the day I was born, and I started working in my mum and dad’s small restaurant group in rural Denmark from an early age. I spent six years building a 20+ unit cafe chain in Denmark; +11 years working for McDonald’s Denmark and UK, and more than 8 years as a consultant working with brands across Europe. Once a week I host The Hospitality Maverick Podcast, which all about inspiring leaders that build businesses from the inside out – businesses that makes positive impact on their people, their community and the planet.