Integrating mental health support across your business

Online at the Better Hospitality Conference 1-2pm 21st April 2021

In this session Shane will talk about his quest to get to the roots of psychological wellbeing through his own practice. Shane is all about getting to the core and making things simple and accessible for all without all the waffle and jargon. He will speak on what he believes are key teachings which businesses should implement to allow individuals to take more accountability for their wellbeing allowing them to thrive consistently.

The key elements are Understanding the mind, and how thoughts work. These are key to Shanes offers at Jasper giving individuals the tools, they need to be mentally and physically healthy without having to search high and low.

Shane will talk through how we have everything we need within us 24 hours a day to control, stress, anxiety, rumination, and depression and with this understanding individuals can cultivate practices that will allow them to feel abundant and free.

We will talk about attachment and conscious awareness as the key elements of keeping psychologically on point day in day out. Everything Shane talks about he has been through and used himself which helped him to beat depression and anxiety once and for all.

About the speakers

Shane Cooke

Shane is a chef turned transformational coach who specialises in mindset, meditation, mindfulness and breath work. He is the founder of Jasper Wellbeing which is a holistic wellbeing comapny that supports individuals and organisations with an array of wonderful tools to support personal and professional wellbeing.

Tobie-Anna Durk

Tobie-Anna Durk is a chef and founder of Kelly’s Cause Foundation, a charity that provides Mental Health First Aid training to the hospitality industry. On a mission to create a mentally healthy industry for all, Kelly’s Cause was founded in honour of Kelly, a young chef who took her own life at just 23.