A food business can be a complex operation, affected not only by your own internal processes but also by your relationships across the supply chain. Our ecosystem takes a holistic view of your business from suppliers through to customers, helping you better manage your resources and communication for a more sustainable and profitable future.


  • Support setting up your existing suppliers and products
  • Search by location and use filters to find local suppliers and request proposals
  • Gather sustainability and nutritional information from existing suppliers
  • Manage multiple supplier relationships and contracts in one place
  • Create an easily searchable approved supplier list for purchasers to access


  • Order from all your suppliers on one platform, with easy-to-access favourites
  • Create accessible and intuitive communication across multiple users
  • Manage multiple purchasing units with different product lists
  • Stay up-to-date with live pricing and availability
  • Access unique opportunities from our suppliers and prevent food from going to waste
  • Generate order numbers that can easily be matched with invoice numbers
  • Prevent ordering mistakes by approving draft orders

Production (coming soon)

  • Create and share recipes
  • Access sustainability and nutritional information per recipe or integrate with one of our digital menu partners
  • Keep track of production, wastage and stock
  • Generate supplier orders from a pre-set production schedule

Communicating with customers

  • Share highly visual supplier profiles with customers to tell their stories
  • Add sustainability accreditations to specific recipes or products
  • Quantify your positive impact through your Tried & Supplied reporting and data

Getting started

Setup and pricing

We’ll help you and your suppliers get set up on Tried & Supplied, and find new suppliers as required. We charge a monthly % on all orders placed through Tried and Supplied, so you only ever pay for what you use. We also offer volume discounts.


We provide training across your team, and be on call for any questions you may have while using the platform. You’ll have a dedicated customer manager who will work proactively to better understand your business challenges and ensure you are benefiting from our features and community.


We have designed a fun and interactive workshop for your team, to help your business shift to a more ecological mindset that will increase resilience, creativity and sustainability in your business. We can offer workshops for free, or for a charge relative to the size and depth of your session.