offer the best purchasing experience to your food service customers and promote your business to new prospects

Why your customers will love ordering through Tried and Supplied

Imagine you’re a chef placing orders across multiple suppliers late at night after a long shift. Tried and Supplied makes it possible to order everything in one place and keep track of what’s been ordered.
less time-consuming order process
facilitates internal collaboration on orders
communicate with all suppliers in one place
stay up-to-date with prices and specials

how it works for you as a supplier

Save time on order processing with a standard email format – no more unintelligible voicemails and last minute re-deliveries
Reach buyers when they are looking for your product – most samples just end up in the bin if chefs aren’t looking for new suppliers
Instantly promote specific products as specials next to products ordered on a regular basis
Build up your reputation through industry recommendations

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