a chef’s companion for making supplier ordering as slick as running a good pass

control your costs, save time and increase your margins

Control your costs

  • Place orders from a list of approved products only
  • Stay up-to-date with live pricing from suppliers
  • Prevent ordering mistakes by approving draft orders

Save time

  • order from all your suppliers in one place and search for local produce as needed
  • easily accessible digital paper trail of supplier communication
  • make it easy for accounts to see which orders are approved for payment

Increase your margins

  • See supplier special offers highlighted when you place your normal order
  • Receive weekly and monthly purchasing reports
  • Ask us to analyse your reports against sales data for you

Get started

Sign up and add us to your home screen

Signing up only takes a moment and we’ll keep you logged in so you can add us to your home screen and go straight to your dashboard from there.

Find or invite your current suppliers

We already have over 450 suppliers on our site, but if any of your existing suppliers aren’t there, you can easily invite them to join for free. Once they’ve accepted your request, they will be able to set you up with the products and prices they offer you.

Start ordering

All your products will now appear split by supplier in your inventory to order. You can chat with suppliers and keep track of orders all from within your dashboard.

We’re here to help

We’ll help you and your suppliers get set up, provide training across your team, and be on call for any questions you may have while using the app.

Over 450 fantastic suppliers and growing…

Create a menu based on what’s available locally

If you’re launching a new menu or opening a new restaurant and want to do something hyper-local, you can put your postcode into our search and take a look at the suppliers available closest to you to inspire your menu creation. If you’re lucky enough to be in Hampshire, you might have some of our speciality mushrooms and tomatoes suppliers right on your doorstep.

Check if suppliers have been recommended by other chefs

There’s nothing like a recommendation from another chef who has been working with a supplier for years to give you the confidence you’re making the right choice. Our public supplier recommendations enable you to benefit from the knowledge and experience of industry professionals even outside your own personal network.

Find suppliers that are doing more for the environment and community

Many of our suppliers put a lot of effort into producing their food and drink responsibly and giving back to the community. Several of them use their products to help solve environmental or social challenges. We like to promote all the good work they are doing by allowing you to filter search results by environmental and ethical activity as well as specific accreditations they may have.

Discover products you didn’t even know existed

Often the best things in life are unexpected. Until you input something specific, our search will present you with a random set of suppliers each time you visit, but you can also specify broad categories like snacks to get an idea of what’s available – everything from lotus seed popcorn and crisps made from surplus salmon skins!

We’ll even go that extra mile and help promote your restaurant, all for free!

offer loyalty rewards and increase your sustainability rating with our partner Almond
benefit from publicity on our foodie blog, Saucy Dressings (~2000 visitors/day)
broaden your remote offering via Saucy Dressings Restaurant @ Home and Digital Foodie School

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