How to choose an antique corkscrew

Here is some advice for buying an antique corkscrew, assuming you are not just a collector, but actually intending to use a beautiful piece of equipment. These unusual corkscrews make fabulous, and individual presents for people who like their wine!

The important thing to look at is the pitch and thickness if the screw. Here are three different ones.

antique corkscrews

The one on the left has a delicate thread and a long pitch. It is easy to use, but it does not grab a difficult cork.

The one on the right is too thick. This is typical of a modern corkscrew. It is the least effective of the three.

The one in the middle has the best compromise. The pitch is good and the screw has enough throw / material to grab a difficult cork. Note that the steel is flat and not round like the modern one.

antique corkscrews
The one on the left has a long pitch and shallow throw. It is not bad and is easy to use but it does not grab a really difficult cork.
how to buy an antique corkscrew
The one on the right is round and too thick. It is typical of a modern corkscrew and is the least good.
what to look for in an antique corkscrew
The best one is in the middle. This has a good pitch and thrown with plenty of flat surface to grab a cork.
Here's another example of a very good corkscrew.
Here’s another example of a very good corkscrew.
antique bone corkscrew
Another well-functioning corkscrew with a handsome bone handle, given to Tried and Supplied founder, Domini Hogg.

If you are interested to know a whole lot more about antique corkscrews, go to the Corkscrew Collecting site.

Where to buy an antique corkscrew

  • Era Corkscrews
  • Andre Burgos (an expensive site based in the US)

Try also eBay and Etsy.

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