The Eccentric Restaurant Guide to Cagliari

Cagliari offers museums and monuments, architecture and archaeological sites. The Phoenicians, Romans, Vandals and the people from Byzantine, Pisa, Genoa, Aragona, Catalan, Spain and Piedmont have all left their mark on this ancient city.

The Castello neighbourhood is the first area to visit in Cagliari. It is the city’s ancient fortification. The historic neighbourhood is still partially enclosed by the bastioned walls. Two medieval towers in white stone stand along the bastion enclosure along with two city gates that escaped demolition during the 19th century.


restaurant guide to Cagliari
Walking through the bastioned walls


The city offers a cultural life rich with theatre, opera, concerts and exhibitions, as well as some truly outstanding restaurants—gastronomically Cagliari can give any city in Italy a run for its money.

For our guide to Sardinian wine follow this link.


Restaurants in Cagliari

There is a plethora of excellent restaurants in Cagliari (many without websites). These are some Saucy Dressings’ favourites:


1. Da Lillicu, Via Sardegna 78 (east end), tel: 070652970. Very lively fish restaurant.

2. Ristorante Corallo, Via Napoli 4 (on the corner with the Via Roma along the front), tel: 070668027. Typical Sardinian food, very authentic place, not expensive

3. Opera Prima, Via Campidano 9 (south side of the ENEL tower in the Via Roma), tel: 070684619. Quite upmarket, classic style. Excellent food… the meat antipasti is amazing.

4. Nuovo Royal, Via Giovanni Antonio Piccioni, 2, 09125 Cagliari tel: 070341313. Always jam packed Tuscan family-run restaurant. Set rate for which you get an aperitif, three courses, wine. The owner comes before each course to tell you the choices, there is no written menu and she only speaks Italian. Absolutely delicious and very good value at 45€. Booking essential. Closed Sunday and Monday.

5. Luigi Pomata, Viale Regina Margherita 14 (corner with Via Cavour), 070672058. Very chic and elegant. The chef here does an updated version of traditional Sardinian food and also sushi.

6. Ristorante Italia, Via Sardegna 30 (west end), tel: 070657987. Mid price restaurant – they give you a glass of sparkling wine before you sit down.

7. Caffé Degli Spiriti, Bastione di Saint Remy (on the roof of the Teatro Lirico), tel: 070/655884 – fantastic view over Cagliari

8. Ristorante St. Remy, Via Torino, Cagliari (close to Antico Cafe) 070657377. Very good Italian cuisine, rather upmarket, excellent food, we love their ‘Tartare Di Gamberi’ and other fish and seafood dishes. Quite small, cave-like, with lovely atmosphere. The owner himself recommends the various dishes and takes the orders himself. He speaks fluent English, French and German.

Other restaurants which we’ve heard are good, but which we haven’t tried are:



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