Exmoor Blue Cheese

When I was staying at The Secret Holt last year I picked up a 500g ‘baby’ sized Exmoor Blue cheese at the local farmshop. Even though part of Exmoor itself is in Devon, the cheese is made in Somerset, so I haven’t included this cheese in the ‘food in Devon’ post.

The exact location of the cheesery is important because this cheese is another which enjoys PGI status (see ‘Confused by PGIs’ for more explanation about this). It’s owned by Ian and Ruby Arnett’s family business, Exmoor Blue Cheese.

This is a creamy, mild, but still tangibly blue, cheese made exclusively out of unpasteurised cows’ milk. It’s usually sold at just over a month old, and will keep in your fridge for another month.

But given a choice I would still go for Shropshire Blue.


You can read about my adventures getting to this farmshop in How I Nearly Laid Down My Life For Some Sharpham Rustic.

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