New age fish, smoked oyster and broccoli pie with a salty breadcrumb crust

As part of our research for a book about pies, we’ve been experimenting with different types of pie crusts.

There are pie crusts made from tacos, crusts made from cauliflower bound by egg (a base in this case), crusts made from crunchy almond and courgette… a number of other unusual pies….

…..and then there is this pie where the crust is composed of breadcrumbs given a salty kick by chopped anchovies, and a lot of life by dried herbs and lemon zest.

Meanwhile the pie filling is packed with flavour thanks to the smoked oysters and the mushrooms, whose earthiness is emphasised by the chocolatey Urfa pepper flakes.

The pie will freeze, but it’s better to freeze the filling and the crust separately.

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