From family recipe to award-winning relish – the story of Jabulani

Glynis Delport’s family recipe for relish was always a favourite. Now under the brand of Jabulani Foods, it has gone on to win Great Taste Awards and has recently been shortlisted in the 2019 Free From Food Awards. It was while living in Cyprus that Glynis realised that bold African flavours and preservative-free recipes were winning combinations. She took a moment to chat about Jabulani, veganism, and eating relish straight from the jar.


SD: What made you realise that there was a market for a vegan condiment with bold flavours?

GD: It was pure accident! We were making a relish using the finest and freshest ingredients when some health issues occurred in our family and we found that as tasty as it is, our relish was free from gluten, soy, dairy and nuts. We only needed to make a few adjustments to enhance the flavours. Relish is great as a condiment, it can even add nutrients to many dishes. The most delicious condiments are vegan, so we stumbled across our market that way.


SD: Providing healthy alternatives to processed foods is a big part of Jabulani – why is that?

GD: Processed foods are convenience foods and therefore nutrients are lost. We strive to produce a healthier alternative to what we have seen is available, knowing that your health is your greatest wealth. People who are health conscious look for a better quality in their choices and that includes condiments.

Healthy and delicious tomato relish

SD: Why did you ensure that your Adventurous Relish is vegan, dairy free, and gluten free? Was this difficult to achieve?

GD: Our preference is to give people with health issues a really delicious and tasty relish. It was not difficult to achieve as we had a recipe that was passed down and just needed some refining. It made complete sense to make a few tweaks so that more people could enjoy our Adventurous Relish.


SD: You have a new green bean flavour – how would you recommend that this is used in a restaurant or hotel setting?

GD: Green Bean Relish can be used as a salad alone or it can be mixed in with other salads. It can be stirred into pasta. Sandwiches with cheese, cold meat and relish are super.  Many just eat the whole jar at one sitting!

Quinoa salad with green bean relish
Quinoa salad with green bean relish

SD: Do you think that consumers are more interested in the provenance and the health benefits of their food than they used to be? How do you think the hotel and restaurant industry can cater to these interests?

GD: Yes and this is increasing. It can be difficult to find a hotel or restaurant that does offer Free From foods. Basic salads are sometimes the only option on the menu. Free From producers can make it easier for chefs by providing products that are easy to store and also to use so as to prepare fast meals for vegans in restaurants and hotels. 


SD: All of your products have a simple ingredients list (with actually recognisable ingredients!). Do you think this openness about your ingredients is something that sets you apart?

GD: Yes indeed, I like to think so. Sadly cheaper is not the best option but many still take that route. I love the taste of our relish. I love watching the faces of people who taste it for the first time. It warms my heart. Tasters at shows and markets are amazed by the flavour of our relish considering the amount to ingredients in the jar when checking our labels. 


For food service buyers interested in sourcing relish from Jabulani click here to view their supplier profile.


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