Popular Paterson Chicken AKA Marry Me Chicken

“Legend has it, a few magazine food editors were testing this dish, when one expressed they would literally marry it, if they could… Pair with a chilled glass of chardonnay, lit candles, and some Michael Bublé playing in the background.”

The Modern Proper website

I went to stay with some very old friends who I don’t see very often because they live in Canada. We only had two evenings together so time was precious, plus one of them was hobbling around in quite a bit of pain. So they fell back on their go-to quick and reliable dish of chicken with sundried tomatoes and cream. I watched, impressed, as they seemingly whipped it up in minutes. And on first bite I was smitten! Chicken is all too often dry and tasteless. This was not.

I immediately and shamelessly asked for the recipe. They told me it was called Marry Me Chicken, or sometimes, Tuscan Chicken. ‘Marry Me Chicken’ – what a marvellous name! It turns out it was at Delish magazine that editors exclaimed variously, “I’d marry you for that chicken,” and “OH MY GOD THAT’S MARRIAGE MATERIAL”.

I’m not too sure where the idea of this dish being ‘Tuscan’ came from. I’ve never come upon it whilst in Tuscany, and it’s nowhere to be seen in my Locatelli. It may be about as Italian as an English muffin is English…. if anyone has any better information, please add it in the comments.

There are many versions of this dish – The Modern Proper version, for example, doesn’t include spinach, and this version incorporates all kinds of small amendments made over the many times I’ve now made this, because, yep, it is oh so popular. One of the reasons I’m including this recipe as a post in Saucy Dressings is because I get asked for the recipe so often that it’s easier to just send a link to those ‘in need’.

Serve it with rice, or with pasta, or with mash, or even just with garlic bread and a green salad. It’s particularly good with wild rice. Think of it as a very versatile sauce – instead of chicken you could substitute veal, or a robust type of white fish such as monkfish. Consider adding some mushrooms. Or some lardons. Or some peas. And don’t forget the wine, the candles and the Michael Bublé.

And, as the practical Chief Taster pointed out when I tried out their recipe back at home, you can make it ahead of time and just warm through gently.

This post is dedicated to Robin Paterson.

Music to cook to

Michael Bublé – Feeling Good

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