Monkey Business – Whisky and Apple Balsamic Vinegar inspired by Pollen Street Social

Today is Chinese New Year, and we are now into the Year of the Monkey, so to celebrate the cocktail for this month is the Monkey Business.

I discovered the Monkey Business because in a fit of curiosity I bought a bottle of apple balsamic vinegar.

And then I wondered what to do with it. And the answer came with a cup of coffee and a few minutes browsing through the FT Magazine.

An article on the best five ‘cocktail-dessert’ bars in London revealed that Jason Atherton’s Pollen Street Social served ‘playful’ cocktails, one of which was a whisky and apple balsamic vinegar mix.

I’m always keen on recipes for food or cocktails which use a minimum number of ingredients and this one seemed to incorporate all you need in a good cocktail – strength from the whisky, and both sweet and bitter from the apple balsamic vinegar.

I tried it in proportions of four parts (60ml/¼ cup) whisky to one part (a tablespoon) apple balsamic, and I found the result intriguing, interesting… really rather nice. Don’t waste your best whisky on this drink though.

Below is a trailer for the classic 1952 film Monkey Business with Cary Grant and Marilyn Monroe

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