Flat white peach and Gorgonzola dolce canapés

This is one of the chief taster’s favourite canapés. I think it’s the contrast on the tongue of the sweet and juicy peach and the salty, creamy cheese. The slightly astringent sage cuts through before the richness gets completely out of hand.

Why gorgonzola dolce rather than piccante? The difference between the two cheeses lies in the ripening time. In the case of Gorgonzola dolce, the ripening time is 50 days, while Gorgonzola piccante needs to ripen for 80 days. The ‘dolce’ is creamier, sweeter, and it has a less pronounced flavour. ‘Piccante’ is a bit ‘in your face’ – sometimes just what you want, but it’s a bit too strong for this use. In Sardinia I sometimes use a mix of stratas of Gorgonzola and mascarpone.

It can be a tad fiddly, so I would advise against scaling up this recipe.

These can be quite a challenge to eat (your friends should not be too precious), so I suggest serving with napkins and small saucers.

Serve with small saucers and napkins – this can get a bit messy!

Why white peaches? Because they are slightly sweeter and less acidic than yellow peaches. Why flat ones (which are sometimes known as donut peaches)? Because they tend to be slightly smaller than the round ones, a perfect size for these bite-sized canapés.

In the northern hemisphere peaches are in season from June to early September.

If you wanted to you could develop this concept into a salad – to find out how, follow this link.

They go well with champagne, or any sparkling wine; and also with sherry – especially Tio Pepe fino en rama.

White peach and gorgonzola dolce canapés recipe


Note: I once couldn’t find gorgonzola dolce, so I used feta instead, and drizzled with pesto. It was good…but not as good.

This post is dedicated to Jacqui and Andy Cowen.
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