Charming Pear and Apple Chutney Laced With Stone’s Ginger Wine

What do you do with a glut of pears?

Well, you could try caramelising it, and serving it with a mascarpone mousse – see Mont Blanc look-alike mascarpone mousse with caramelised fruit.

Or you could make this charming pear and apple chutney, which is laced with Stone’s ginger wine – if you don’t have this to hand, you can simply substitute with fresh ginger and a little maple syrup.

You can reward yourself with a sip or two of the ginger wine… great mixed with whisky to make a Whisky Mac

It goes well with almost any cheese, but it’s particularly good served with camembert (or even better, Tunworth) fritters.

It makes a great gift at Christmas

Here’s what to do.

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