Potatoes à la Lyonnaise

“Yes, suffering is a natural part of our earthly existence, and everything we love is fragile, but potatoes make all this tolerable.”

Grace Dent, Comfort Eating

The Chief Taster is not really a fan of potatoes, but this way of cooking gets his vote – “you can cook these again any time” was his encouraging comment.

You can make this very successfully with all kinds of potatoes, the all-purpose smooth Desirée works fine, as does the slightly starchier Maris Piper. But best of all I find are small, waxy new potatoes which have an additional advantage in that you don’t need to peel them.

In the recipe below I just give the very basic ingredients outlined in my Larousse Gastronomique. But if you want to be a bit fancy you can add thyme and garlic.

Many people get Lyonnaise potatoes confused with Dauphinois potatoes. The key ingredient in the Lyonnaise version is the onion – absent in Dauphinois which, on the other hand, does include cream. The term “À la Lyonnaise” means that somewhere there is an onion about.

Follow this link for how to make Dauphinois potatoes.

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