Introducing Serving Up Sustainability – the Tried and Supplied podcast

From Out to Lunch with Jay Rayner to Who Gives A Fork, there’s already a great tradition of food-based podcasts coming from the UK. But are there any podcasts that marry British foodie culture to the pressing issue of sustainability? Well, there is now!

Serving Up Sustainability is a new podcast created by Tried and Supplied and hosted by Domini Hogg. In the podcast Domini will be chatting to chefs, farmers, and creators of innovative technology about sustainability and the food industry. This will draw from topics that Tried and Supplied has already begun to discuss on Saucy Dressings, such as food waste, biodynamic and organic farming, and much more. By discussing these topics with industry experts, Domini hopes to spread information about how the hospitality and food industry can be more sustainable, as well as dispel any myths that might surround the important topic of sustainability.

For the first episode, Domini interviewed Tom Adams, founder of the British Game Alliance, Tony Hayns, Executive Chef at Artizian Catering and Guy Wade of Woodmill Game and Screaming Peacock. Game is at the forefront of the sustainability conversation, as wild game doesn’t involve chemicals, hormones, or animal housing. Deer populations in particular must be managed, as they are actually considered pests! In this episode, they discuss how to get sustainable game on the menu, and some of the challenges faced by the industry, such as getting consumers to try game in the first place.

Serving Up Sustainability can be found on Spotify and on Anchor. You can also listen to the first episode below:


There are many different aspects to sustainability that pertain to the food industry, and we hope that with this podcast we can inspire listeners to seek out sustainable restaurants and produce, as well as take up more environmentally friendly practices.

If you’re interested in being interviewed on Serving Up Sustainability, you can email Tried and Supplied at

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