Shakshuka – hearty north African breakfast, brunch, lunch… or supper – the everything meal

“You learn a lot about someone when you share a meal together.”

Anthony Bourdain, The Economic Times

Shakshuka is essentially eggs poached in tomato juice, a warming Tunisian dish which you can find all along the north African Mediterranean coast. It’s the quintessential everything meal… it goes down well at any time of the day.

It’s one of those dishes which will take pretty much everything you can throw at it, you can add chorizo, or ham; you can add minced lamb; you can leave off the toast and add cooked, sliced potatoes.

There is also a green version (well, the Saucy Dressings’ green version) of shakshuka which substitutes a green pepper for the red one, and substitutes finely chopped courgettes, spinach and spring greens, or finely shredded Savoy cabbage, and even sliced artichoke hearts for the tomatoes. Obviously the juice in the tomato tin is missing, so you may need to add a bit of vegetable or chicken stock. Chris Honor makes a green version with spinach, garlic, raisins, and toasted cumin and pumpkin seeds.

And, depending on what is in your fridge and needs eating up, you can create a sort of combined shakshouka.

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