Popeye’s Popular and slightly Brazilian Spinach and Salmon Pie

“…the gods of Olympus ….watched tirelessly over the master of Roccapendente and his family – who, for their part, heads down and jaws going at full tilt, were tearing apart a fish pie of colossal dimensions and completely ignoring all that beauty”.

The Art of Killing Well, Marco Malvaldi

Don’t ask me why I think this is Brazilian – I’m a little hazy on that subject – suffice to say that I got the idea for it from something I tried when I was there earlier this year, and then when I returned I experimented and made further amendments (adding the hollandaise for example).

It got enough votes of appreciation that I made triple quantities for a slightly surreal dinner party to which I’d invited a couple of people I hadn’t seen for twenty years; many who didn’t know each other; guests with ages ranging from 25 to 65; and even one intrepid invitee who I hadn’t ever met before. The pie passed this test also with flying colours and I basked in the warm, united approval of the disparate miscellany around the table.

In particular the mustard and parmesan-laced mash that blankets the fish in this recipe is the main contributor to this pie’s popularity.

About Popeye

Why Popeye? Well, it’s got fish (the salmon, obviously, and Popeye is a ‘sailor man’) in it… and spinach.

Popeye has done more for spinach than anyone else. From 1928-33 he singlehandedly raised spinach sales in the US by 33%!

This post is dedicated to Marcella Saads.
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Domini Hogg

This is delicious! I highly recommend it!

saucy dressings

Thank you so much Domini, glad you enjoyed it!

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