The Six Bells Tea Cup – This Cocktail Is Like A Dream

After the second day of the Food Blogger Connect Conference I can’t say I needed sustenance, since sustenance had been abundantly on hand throughout the day. But I needed to relax, and I decided that The Ivy, Chelsea Garden, in the company of my son and his girlfriend (my god-daughter) was the best place to do it. I chose the restaurant because it was near, but really because my god-daughter told me she’d gone there the week before with my daughter, tried a cocktail, and they’d both agreed it was the best cocktail either of them had ever had.

I got there intending to try it but a snorting squelching cold and the idea of the included grapefruit (I don’t like grapefruit) prevented me. This was a mistake I later discovered as I was informed that the grapefruit simply gave a citrus, rather than a bitter grapefruit taste to the drink.

In any case, the ingredients of the feted Six Bells Tea Cup cocktail are Beefeater gin,  elderflower cordial, grapefruit, a hint of clove and star anise…. and there must be some egg white.


What follows is their combined description:

quotes1This cocktail is like a dream. The moment the flavour reaches you it takes you to another world. One of winter spices and cosy fireside armchairs. Perhaps the beautiful tea cup helps with that. The egg white foam makes the drink seem much thicker and warmer than it is, perhaps like a hot chocolate initially, but then the cool grapefruit cuts through making it ultimately a refreshing drink, the bitter citrus notes softened by the gentle sweetness of the elderflower. But don’t be deceived, this cocktail packs a punch or two. Two because after the first one, you can’t help but order another one!




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