A Visit to the Triana Market in Seville

The Triana Market in Seville is smaller than many. It’s easy to reach (about ten minutes walk from the centre) and find. It’s on the Plaza del Altozano, next to the Triana bridge. It’s situated over the remains of the Castle of San Jorge – built originally in 1171, it later became the seat of the inquisition – now demolished except for one wall. The address is: Calle San Jorge, 6

You’ll find there not only a good selection of cheese and jamón ibérico but also tours, cooking classes and daily flamenco performances as well as a collection of tapas bars.

You’ll find a lot of tourists, scarce locals, and professional purchasers are rare.

But it’s a colourful and lively site, many stalls faced with traditional Spanish tiles.

Opening hours are a moveable – go to the official website for the latest information.


triana market
You’ll find dried, crystallised fruits of all kinds.


triana market
You’ll find a wide range of fish to choose from.


triana market
And also a wide range of fruits….I can’t tell what these are…an unusual variety of quince maybe? You can see that the market is rather over-subscribed by tourists….


triana market
You can buy local torta de aceite here.


triana market
Tortas de aceite are unleavened biscuits made of flour, olive oil, milk, sugar, and usually some flavour – aniseed or rosemary. They were originally made for stagecoach passengers travelling through Seville. They are wonder, crispy, flaky.


triana market
One of the walkways of the market.



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