Paprika-Permeated, Mint-scented, Yoghurt-smothered, Regal Aubergines

“As a relative beginner myself, I reckoned you couldn’t assume beginners knew anything, so there had better be a Beginner’s Index—which back then included having to explain what an aubergine was.”

Katharine Whitehorn, Cooking In A Bedsitter

If I had lived in 631 AD I would have sought to be a lady-in-waiting to Queen Pourandokht of Persia, who was so keen on yoghurt that her name got subsumed into Farsi in the form of Borani, to mean pretty much anything cooked with yoghurt. Her culinary approach is right up my street. So this is a type of Borani with aubergines.

Queen Pourandokht – keen on yoghurt

Serve with Turkish meatballs…. or any kind of meatballs

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