Avocado toast with eggs, or tomatoes, for lunch

This was a massive hit with the chief taster who is notoriously hard to please. I served it on the local ‘shepherd’s bread’, but sour dough would be just as good. Or, indeed, any kind of carbohydrate: flatbreads, baked potatoes, strips of warm focaccia….. let your imagination fly.

This would also make a very good sandwich filling. But because the avocado will go brown it’s not ideal for a lunch box.

Fine for vegetarians.

Alternative version with tomatoes instead of eggs – the key ingredient here is the tapenade

You can make an alternative version which swaps the eggs for tomatoes – slather the bread with tapenade first, add avocado, top with tomatoes, season with smoked salt and Urfa pepper flakes (or ordinary salt and pepper) and drizzle over some peppery olive oil and some pomegranate molasses.

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