Fennel with saffron, Pernod, and a nutty crumble

“The carrot family is one of the most interesting plant families of all,” he says, putting leaves and stalks in the bag. “It includes hemlock, fennels, hogweed, angelica, cicely, parsnip, parsley . . . It’s hand in hand deadly and delicious.”

Marcis Dzelzainis quoted by Alice Lascelles in The Financial Times

I love the taste of fennel, but its texture represents a problem. We have tried everything. It does work well wedged in between chicken joints, in a salad, or mixed in with something else – both orange and cabbage work well.

But in its own right, fennel struggles. Until this. This method is the only way the Chief Taster will eat fennel.

If you substitute the chicken stock for vegetable stock and the honey for maple syrup this is a dish suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

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