Carrot, coriander and orange soup inspired by the Queen of Herbs

This soup was destined to be made! It started off with a couple of very sad, very elderly bunches of coriander discovered lurking at the back of the fridge. “We must do something with them!” exclaimed Tried and Supplied founder, Domini Hogg.

We also had an orange. So, we had most of the essentials to make something approximating the recipe contributed by Jekka McVicar to the compendium of celebrity recipes published as A Taste Of Home, to support the charity for the homeless, The Passage. Only the carrots were lacking.

A few hours later, one of the rest of us, unbriefed, found the hapless, sorry-looking coriander and despatched it, forthwith, to the rubbish, just as a volunteered shopper was coming through the door with the missing carrots.

The following day, the coriander was sought, unsuccessfully. The volunteered shopper was sent out again. And finally all ingredients were present and correct.

This recipe, as you would expect from the renowned herb specialist, Jekka McVicar, uses an unprecedented amount of coriander, making the soup smell and taste fresh, fragrant and grassy. I’ve kept broadly to her recipe, but added in the vermouth, which gives a bit of sophistication and depth.

recipe for carrot coriander and orange soup
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