Chicken with a lemon pickle glaze

This recipe is super-easy, but smart enough for a dinner party.

I used to buy Tracklements’ lemon pickle in six jar consignments, it was so good, and then, horror! They discontinued it. Nothing daunted, I brazenly wrote and asked them for the recipe – and – incredibly and generously – they gave it to me – post to come.

So now I make it myself, but if you wanted to save time you could buy Tracklements’ apricot and ginger chutney which also works well in this recipe.

You can make the sauce up a few days ahead.

This goes well with a peppery mushroom salad.


Recipe for chicken with a lemon pickle glaze

For six

• 12 small chicken joints – thighs, drumsticks etc
• 240ml/1 cup lemon pickle, or apricot and ginger chutney, or onion chutney – if you use either of the last two add some slices of lemon.
• 240m/1 cup brown sauce – I like Stokes’ which is made from tomato and date purée, molasses and a mix of warming spices – cinnamon, cloves, ginger…
• 3 tbsps thick rich soy sauce – go here for more on which is best.
• 2 tbsps Worcestershire sauce
• Red vermouth, if it gets dry

1. Preheat your oven to 210ºC.
2. Mix up the sauce.
3. Place the chicken pieces in a baking dish, pour over the sauce, and mix well to ensure the chicken is covered.
4. Roast for an hour, turning every now and then, and adding a slosh or two of red vermouth if it looks a bit dry.
5. Serve with a flourish.


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