Devilled kidneys – the devil is in the detail….

“I once went out with an Italian for breakfast. He looked at his plate with wide-eyed astonishment.

‘Aha,’ he said, ‘This is where dinner went? People I’m staying with gave me hot cheese on bread with a cup of tea last night. That was obviously breakfast. Of course, never seeing the sunshine, you must all lose track of your meals.'”

A A Gill, Breakfast At The Wolseley

A friend recently (well, before lockdowns) treated me to breakfast at The Wolseley. The service, the place, everything was wonderful. The menu included just about every traditional British item you could think of as well as some more international ‘healthy’ options (the restaurant describes itself as ‘European’). In any case, the devilled kidneys on the menu at The Wolseley are served with fried bread rather than toast. A dish for the hearty… or rather those not worrying about their hearts!

I plumped for devilled kidneys. They were excellent, and I remembered that, once carefully prepared (ideally by someone else, such as your butcher – this is where the detail comes in), devilled kidneys are simple and quick.

Great for breakfast; brunch; or, with a crisp green salad, for lunch…. or even a light supper. As the Italian in the quote above suggests, in this grey, overcast isle, time gets confused. Devilled kidneys, like The Full English, is a dish which can be enjoyed at any time of the day.

For more about kidneys, follow this link.

This is how to do it.

Devilled kidneys at the Wolseley
Devilled kidneys at the Wolseley

Music to cook to

It has to be the theme music to Good Omens, all about the friendship between a good-ish angel, and a bad-ish devil.

This post is dedicated to Marie-Louise Laband.
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