Your Week Sorted: February 15th – 21st

After the hubbub that was Valentine’s Day, you deserve to relax! I’ve got a menu full of extremely quick and easy recipes that will get you through the week in no time.


Breakfast: Coffee and croissants

Lunch: Fragrant salad of cauliflower and turmeric – Make the most of cauliflower being in season by pairing it with turmeric. It’s a delightful sensory experience, especially when all the different spices (fennel seeds, coriander, cumin) are added.

Dinner: Prawns and fennel with chickpeas – this is a very quick, pretty much store cupboard, meal of prawns and fennel, bulked out with chickpeas. You could also add a bit of chorizo to add a smoky flavour.

Cocktail: If you received some chocolates for Valentine’s Day, I’d recommend a sparkling wine from Albourne Estate Winery, as they will pair wonderfully. (And even if you didn’t receive any chocolates, get yourself a glass anyway!)


Breakfast: Poached eggs atop garlic mushrooms – It’s easy to get into eating habits. Well, why not try something new, and experiment with these garlic-y mushrooms and some sweet, spicy brioche? It can be a bit of a hefty meal, so it would do well as a brunch.

Lunch: Swiss cheese tart – this is a wobbly, creamy cheese tart that uses English cheddar and French brie to great effect. Serve this with a green salad, garnished with seeds and nuts, and dressed with a nut oil based dressing.

Dinner: Easy za’atar chicken – Za’atar is a heady mix of spices: sumac and sesame seeds; cumin and coriander; the bright taste of anise from fennel seeds; and thyme. Rub it onto chicken, add some courgette, and you’ve got yourself a deliciously easy meal.


Dinner: Warm red radicchio salad – Make use of seasonal radicchio with this warm salad. Because the radicchio packs a hearty bitter punch, you could accompany this salad with another strong flavour, such as mutton, game, or beef.


Dinner: Gilded cod with a tamarind sauce – This is another incredibly quick recipe – preparation time is about two minutes; cooking time is six or seven. This dish is good with new potatoes, or maybe with the fillets served on a bed of mashed potato or celeriac.


Dinner: Sugar snap pea and artichoke salad – Jerusalem artichokes are now in season, so take advantage of it! I love this particular recipe because the crunchiness of the peas and the earthiness of the roasted artichokes compliment each other rather well.


Dinner: Ridiculously simple chicken Kiev – This is a loose version of a chicken Kiev served with a (potentially) traditional combination of fried bread and a watercress salad.


Dinner: Steak with Greek salad and wedge potatoes – it’s finally Friday, so take this opportunity to treat yourself! I’ve got a guide to cooking a steak perfectly every time.

Pudding: Three-ingredient lemon cake – For afters, try this ridiculously simple lemon cake which needs no baking. If you’re happy to stretch to a fourth ingredient, try topping it with raspberries.



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