Your Week Sorted: February 22nd – 28th

Seasonal ingredients of cabbages, brussels sprouts and blood oranges are on the menu this week. And of course, this week includes Shrove Tuesday, so I’ve got a recipe for the perfect pancakes.


Breakfast: Thick Spanish hot chocolate with buttered toast – Sometimes it’s best to keep things simple. My recipe for thick, Spanish hot chocolate is both simple and luxurious.

Lunch: Baked whole fig with goats’ cheese wrapped in Parma ham – The mix of the sweet fig and the saltiness of the cheese and the ham is wonderful. The recipe is perfect for a light lunch, or as canapes at a dinner party.

Dinner: Filo lamb pie – A perfect Saturday dinner, this filo lamb pie takes a couple of hours to cook. The tantalising scent of lamb, garlic and cumin will fill your home all afternoon – it’s worth making just for that.

Dessert: Blood orange sorbet – It’s the weekend, treat yourself! This crunchy Sicilian sorbet version of the Garibaldi makes a refreshing end to a rich meal.


Breakfast: Fried eggs with stringy mozzarella – this recipe of fried eggs, tomatoes and mozzarella is inspired by Jamie Oliver’s Jamie Cooks Italy. It’s a great breakfast/brunch. 

Lunch: Concocted cabbage collation – The important pairing for this lunch is the cabbage and avocado. You can also mix in some lentils for a hearty lunch, or you can leave out the lentils and serve this as a sort of warm salad.

Dinner: Pork with plums – This is a favourite. You can get plums all through the year (but if you can’t find any use prunes). It’s a sort of British take on sweet and sour pork.


Dinner: Chicken breasts stuffed with Boursin and wrapped in Parma ham – Essentially this recipe is chicken breasts stuffed with Boursin and wrapped in Parma ham served with an asparagus risotto. It’ll be great for using up the Parma ham from Saturday.


Dinner: Pancakes – It’s Shrove Tuesday, so of course you have to make pancakes! I’ve got a recipe that will make perfect pancakes, every time.


Dinner: Pork & peanut white noodles – This takes a little bit of time to marinate, but trust me, the time spent is worth it. You can also make this successfully with chicken, or if there is any of this salad left it would go very well with cold chicken.


Dinner: Sea bass with maple miso sprouts – This delicious sea bass is extremely simple to make, and it pairs beautifully with my favourite brussels sprouts recipe. The maple syrup makes them sweeter and the miso glaze and tamari sauce give it a boost of flavour.


Dinner: Sesame cabbage with a souper asparagus souffle – This dish sounds fancy, but trust me, it is surprisingly easy to put together. They’re both pretty quick to put together, too.

Pudding: Be-berried brownies – This is not a recipe for brownie purists, but if you want a bit a zing and bitterness to cut through the richness and sweetness of the chocolate then this is an intriguing recipe.


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