Saucy Dressings’ good guacamole

“I think the key to a good guac is going heavy on the lime juice and salt, and I also like to add finely chopped fresh tomatoes for sweetness, though I know that’s considered heresy to some and since there’s a shortage we’ll leave them out. My friend adds chopped garlic, which I think is weird and wrong, but I’m all for a little bit of chilli.”

Giulia Crouch, The Times, March 2023

First off, I’m going to say something key. This is not an authentic guacamole. As you will see from the quote above there are many different approaches, and I’ll explain below how the Saucy Dressings’ approach was developed. In the meantime this is what the mighty Wikipedia has to say on the subject:

“Guacamole is traditionally made by mashing peeled, ripe avocados and salt with a molcajete y tejolote (mortar and pestle). Recipes often call for lime juice, cilantro (aka coriander), onions, and jalapeños. Some non-traditional recipes may call for sour cream, tomatoes, basil, or peas.”

Our Saucy Dressings version starts with the classic avocadoes and salt.

It also includes lime juice (and the zest – waste not, want not); the coriander; onions – but specifically spring onions which give a bright-not-bleh taste; and a couple of very mild types of chilli pepper, paprika and luscious, chocolatey Urfa chilli flakes. The paprika adds a smoky effect which is glorious, and the two  replaces the in-your-face jalapeño which means that, if you are enjoying this with a glass, or two, of good champagne you are still able to taste and enjoy your drink. If you are drinking beer this is not so much of a problem.

I don’t add garlic because, again, I think that overpowers and unbalances the whole thing – it’s ‘weird and wrong’ as Giulia Crouch says.

I also add, for the same reason Giulia Crouch cites in the quote at the top of this post, finely-chopped fresh tomatoes. They add sweetness.

Finally, for a bit of extra punch I add some dried oregano.

Peas? I don’t think so….

If you are making ahead, in order to reduce browning, first peel off the skin of the avocado, keeping it as whole as possible. Rinse under cold water. Then mash it with other ingredients, but hang onto the stone. Store the newly made guacamole, with the stone inside, and cover the surface with cling film.

Guacamole is, obviously, dairy-free, and it’s also vegetarian and vegan.

For more about Mexican food, follow this link.

best guacamole recipe
I like my guacamole a bit rough.

Things to do with guacamole

  • For those with a dairy intolerance, guacamole can take the place of cream cheese as a filling, or a topping
  • Serve as a dip with nachos, or you can try these with middle-eastern sesame crackers
  • On toast, topped by a poached egg
  • Danny Child, The Pizza Slice Guy, adds guacamole to a Detroit-style pan pizza, topped with hot Cheetos, sour cream and salsa!
  • Stuffed into chicken breasts, coat in egg and panko breadcrumbs and bake
  • Put into tacos with mince
  • Put into wraps with smoky bacon and salmon
To be authentic, use a generously-sized pestle and mortar
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