How to roast quince – the simplest, easiest way

If you are lucky enough to have a quince tree, you will also be looking for simple ways to use its bounty.

Stewed in honey quince makes a grand pud (for more on that follow this link). Or made into a fruit preserve – the Spanish word for it is membrillo – it’s good with cheese, but also wonderful to add to everything from tagines, to dressings and sauces, through to a tarte Tatin.

And roast quince is also a joy, especially good with pork and gammon, and also good with chicken, goose, duck and lamb. The slightly tart quince will cut, delightfully…. tantalisingly, through any slightly fatty meat. You can roast the quince in the same roasting tin as the meat.

Roast quince will reheat quite well.

The main problem with quinces is their hardness. It’s helpful to have the muscle and weight of an Arnold Schwarzenegger. You also need a very sharp, and very robust knife. But there is a knack… cut first horizontally across the middle, then vertically, and as soon as you have a conveniently jutting corner of core, cut it down and away. Have a look at the photographs below. You don’t need to peel a quince.

Quince can be a bit tart, so you could try roasting with a sweeter vegetable such as carrots or parsnips.

This is what to do.

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