How To Make Bergamot Vodka

This is a pretty knock-out drink in its own right – serve straight over a couple of ice cubes. But it also makes a mean variation on a Martini – substitute the bergamot vodka for the gin.

For more on bergamots, follow this link.


Recipe for bergamot vodka


  • 700ml/3 cups of vodka
  • 1 bergamot
  • sugar, optional


  1. Sterilise a glass jar with a lid or stopper large enough to contain the vodka plus a bit more.
  2. Using a sharp potato peeler, peel the surface of the yellow-green skin off the bergamot, avoiding the white pith which is even sourer than the rest of the fruit.
  3. Leave in a dark place for at least a week – a couple of months would be better. The vodka will extract the essential oils from the peel – this is where a lot of the flavour is stored – and it also takes on some of the colour of the peel.


how to make bergamot vodka
you need to find a glass container with a stopper or lid
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