Your Week Sorted: January 18th-24th 2020

It’s always difficult to come to a decision about what to eat. Luckily, I’ve put together a menu that will take you from January 18th to 24th. It includes dishes for those who are looking to have a more plant-based diet, as well as some suggestions for how to make the perfect mocktail for anyone who is taking part in dry January.


Breakfast: Rose petal and blueberry compote – a delicious treat to start off the weekend! If you make a large amount, you can also use it to top pancakes, granola and porridge throughout the rest of the week.

Blueberry compote

Lunch: Black olive and white fish sandwich – This is a simple lunch, and it’s a good one for using up leftover white fish.

Dinner: Beetroot salad – This recipe is good for when you have guests, as you want to make it for a minimum of four people. It also uses beetroot, which is fresh and in season at the moment. It takes a little bit of time, but it is totally worth it.

Cocktail: If you’re trying to reduce your alcohol consumption, but still want to have a sophisticated drink, I’d suggest trying some kombucha. Kinoko Kombucha has ‘complex fruity and dry flavours’ that is made out of ‘Rainforest Alliance Green Tea with Fairtrade Sugar’.


Breakfast: Pancakes – top them with the compote that you made yesterday!

Lunch: Soufflé /omelette with truffle oil – this is a rather surprising dish, as it is a hybrid between a soufflé and an omelette. It’s made indulgent with a drizzle of truffle oil.

Dinner: Pomegranate venison and winter salad with beetroot crisps – most game is only available in the autumn and winter, and venison is no exception! Take advantage of seasonal game by pairing it with pomegranate jelly.


Dinner: What to do with leftover venison – if you have some venison left from yesterday, you can pair it with mustard to create a delicious pasta dish.


Dinner: Rye bread salad – The nuts and the toasted rye bread add terrific texture to this dish.

Rye bread salad


Dinner: Broccoli soup – you can use up the rest of the rye bread from yesterday’s dinner to make croutons. They go perfectly on top of warming broccoli soup.


Dinner: Courgette crostata – this is a very quick and easy recipe, because who has time to make a complicated meal at this point in the week? For this recipe, you simply make a soft cheese and egg filling, top it with sliced zucchini/courgettes, and enclose it in a pastry sheet.


Dinner: A cornucopia of ancient grains – the reason why this is a great Friday-night dinner is because you can basically put anything into it. Any of your leftovers from this week will go perfectly in this dish.

Cocktail: Pentire Drinks has created a botanical non-alcoholic spirit made from unique plants native to the Cornish coastline. It is perfect to mix into a mocktail!


50ml Pentire
15ml unpasteurised cider vinegar
15ml Honey syrup
150ml Soda

Garnish: Slice of fresh turmeric & fresh fennel leaves


Look out for next week’s menu, where I’ll be recommending more dishes that make use of seasonal ingredients, as well as more mocktail recipes.

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