Things to consider when buying a pair of kitchen scissors


So I have now gone through an impressive number of kitchen scissors.

I have tried the sublime – Wüsthof – costing some £20 odd. But they came apart for easy cleaning…. and easy losing…

I have tried the ridiculous – this was a very cheap pair costing only a couple of quid. These came apart as well, but in a different way. They simply broke on the first use.

guide to kitchen scissors
Rust AND broken….. hopeless!

Another pair rusted, and came apart….

So the search was on for the optimum scissors, I wanted a pair that would become Old Faithful.


What do you need to consider when buying kitchen scissors?

  • They need to be able to do all kinds of jobs – it’s not just about different types of food, snipping herbs and spring onions or derinding bacon. They need to be able to cut string, or shape baking paper.


  • The Saucy Dressings’ Chief Taster is left-handed, whilst I am right-handed. The scissors need to be useable by both of us.


  • They need to last, I don’t want to be replacing them every two seconds, I want Old Faithfuls.


  • I live by the sea where it’s very humid – they shouldn’t rust.


  • I need to be able to find them quickly – so they should have coloured handles.


  • The scissors just need to do the job – they don’t necessarily need to be excessively expensive. I don’t think I got value out of my Wüsthof pair, even if I’d been able to hang on to more than half of them…


So what did I buy after some research?

I bought a pair of Sabatier all purpose scissors. These satisfied all the conditions above, costing just under £11, with burgundy coloured handles and a 25 year guarantee.


Looking after your kitchen scissors – DON’T

  • Leave them to stand in the dishwasher, either at the beginning, or the end of the cycle
  • Use Vim or steel wool, or anything abrasive
guide to kitchen scissors
The answer – Sabatier
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