The recipe for Tracklements’ luscious lemon pickle

For over a decade now, Tried and Supplied founder, Domini Hogg, has been an avid fan of a particular chicken and avocado mixed with lemon pickle.

The recipe originally came from the Tracklements website. It could be achieved in a trice using Tracklements’ lemon pickle. Then disaster struck, and the company stopped making it. Nothing daunted though, I contacted Tracklements, and a wonderful lady in the customer service department there gave me the recipe, having scaled it down from the original cooking batches!

The pickle is easy to make, and you can make several jars at once and give the rest as presents. If the pickle sets a bit too hard you can loosen it by heating gently in the microwave, or by adding a little extra lemon juice.

You can use this pickle in all sorts of situations. For example, John Mollard, in his The Art of Cookery Made Easy and Refined (1802) suggests adding it to a dressing of oil, vinegar, ketchup, cayenne pepper, salt, and cooked egg yolks for a herby salad to be served with boiled turbot.

The Chief Taster has successfully, and surprisingly, added it to a bolognaise sauce.

Alternatively, for how to make the chicken and avocado salad, follow this link.

lemon pickle recipe
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