Sicilian orange, fennel and burrata salad

“Our next round of food arrives as the wine is drained. Squat burratas in olive oil; rosemary-topped focaccia that is almost sweet; heritage tomatoes scattered with capers.”

Rebecca Watson, The Financial Times, her fantasy dinner party

About four years ago I published a recipe on Saucy Dressings for a salad of fennel, orange and mozzarella. The combination of fennel and orange has been enjoyed in Sicily for centuries, and there is nothing very new about adding cheese.

Since burrata is essentially cheese curds and cream wrapped in a mozzarella cape, it’s easy to see where the idea for this came from.

And it must be a good idea because in the meantime Ottolenghi has been serving it with great success at his restaurant, NOPI. He uses blood oranges, and these would look and taste spectacular if you can get hold of any. He also adds toasted coriander seeds, which sparks it up too.

For another variation, consider swapping the burrata, or the mozzarella, as chef Chris Honor does, for feta. He also adds dill (and dill seeds), mustard cress, roasted almonds and a little ground star anise.

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