Pickled Radishes

“I knew mid-way through the pandemic that Indi-Yang would be ready for the public, as many had realised the major benefits of eating well and making sure they have the right diet to keep the immune system at its peak. With our fermented radish incorporated into side salads alongside our starters, we were able to neutralise the stomach acid to be ready for the main course. This created the perfect environment for the consumer to feel great after the meal”

Rehan Uddin, interviewed in The Better Hospitality Guide 2022

Pickled radishes are my latest discovery – they are SO pretty. You can use them to make anything look alluring but they are especially good:

  • Garnishing pistachio-green soups – such as a cold cucumber soup for instance
  • Adding to the filling of tacos
  • Adding to anything where you might add spring onion
  • In a pasta dish of orzo and hot smoked salmon
  • Topping salads
  • On top of anything dressed with a salsa verde

They are quick to make (the thinner you slice the radish, the quicker they are ready) but they will keep in the fridge up to a week (after a few days they start to go soft rather than stay crunchy). Put them in a sterilised jar. The quantity below is for only six radishes. If you have bought a bunch of up to twenty radishes, I would use half a cup (120 ml) apple cider vinegar, and maybe as much as a cup of water, as you will probably be keeping them for longer. This will make them less sour.

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