Blueberries, goat cheese, and walnut salad

Many of the most successful salads are a mix of sweet (in the form of fruit) interspersed with a twang of salty cheese. Feta is brilliant with peaches; or with watermelon. Peaches also are brilliant with blue cheese. Apples go well with blue cheese too. Nuts are often a great addition with walnuts (or, harking back to a Canadian upbringing, pecans) going especially well with blue cheese. There is also, for example, grilled goat cheese with figs and pecans…. and so on, and so forth.

In the spirit of all this I hit upon the idea of marrying goat cheese (ungrilled as I am bone-idle} with blueberries. I thought I was being immensely original until a friend who lives in the States told me “goat cheese + strawberries + pecans is fairly common”.

Deflated but curious I gave that a go. I wasn’t so convinced by the strawberries. I still think this blueberry version is the best, especially if you are lucky enough to get blueberries with a bit of zing (a lot of the blueberries in supermarkets in the UK are a bit bleh). If you can’t, I recommend adding a few raspberries into the mix. These also give a pop of colour which is very pleasing!

For a post on Riblaire St Varent goat cheese follow this link.

For a post on the difference between pecans and walnuts follow this link.

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