Irish Prawns and Eggs

In year one of the Covid years, by some miracle the chief taster and I managed to get away for a holiday in Ireland.

We had a wonderful time enjoying the scenery (fabulous) and the food (also fabulous) in Connemara, and then driving down the Wild Atlantic Way. Then we had to drive back to Dublin for the ferry. It was too long to drive all in one day, so the chief taster found an AirBnB along the route, which, he explained, he chose because of the ceilings.

The ceilings at Ash Hill were, indeed, splendid, and so was much else about this unusual Georgian house and its grounds. Our bedroom sported a four-poster, and having just got back from a long, wet walk, I got into it together with a cup of hot tea.

A pile of books and magazines, had been thoughtfully left on the bedside table. On the top was In An Irish House, a compendium of recipes contributed by the chatelaines (and, rarely, male owners) of large Irish country houses, published in 1996.

The chapter on Glenasmole Lodge was donated by Mrs Charles Judd. She explains:

“For about twelve years we have given a luncheon party on the Sunday after the Dublin Horse Show. Tables are spread throughout the main reception rooms. The meal consists always of a buffet of fish – prawns, lobster, crab, bream, turbots and gravadlax. … here is one of the prawn recipes I use.”

It certainly is an elegant dish, fit for such a lavish spread. But because it needs to be served hot I think it works better as either a smart starter; or as a hearty lunch.

I’ve changed the proportions, increasing the prawns and decreasing the eggs. And I’ve added spring onions and mild chorizo. It gets a lot of thumbs up, this recipe!

You can prepare it a few hours beforehand.

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