Radish leaf pesto

It seems a long time ago now since lockdown number one. Every cloud has a silver lining, at that time there were grave concerns about the food supply chain (remember the loo paper shortage?) and incipient food shortages.

We decided to start a kitchen garden, and Tried & Supplied founder, Domini Hogg, headed up the project. If you are new to having a kitchen garden every new harvest is an occasion for wonder and excitement. Producing your own food is psychologically very rewarding; eating something that minutes before was still flourishing in the ground, the bracing freshness of it, is almost shocking; and the creativity required to cook with it, often as a glut, is constructively challenging.

The radishes have claimed a particular place in our hearts because they were our first-born, so to speak. Committed already to sustainability, but also with a vivid memory of the work involved in their nurturing, we determined to use the whole plant, not just the rudely red, gobstopper root; but also the leaves.

radish leaf pesto recipe
The radish leaves were our first born, so to speak.

We made pesto from the radish leaves. This is how we did it.

For more about pesto and lots of ideas for things to do with it, follow this link.

radish leaf pesto recipe
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