Salty, spicy, sweet salmon on a bed of tasty tomatoes

I went off travelling for a month, leaving the Chief Taster to fend for himself. He’s a dab hand at pasta… rice… gravy…I felt confident.

On my return I found our daughter had been there for a few days and, much to his relief, had taken on the mantle of chef. She’d cooked some salmon which had been a great success, and he was keen to try it again.

It was, indeed, splendid. I made only one tweak – I added some black olives. If you are using black olives preserved in olive oil, then use some of the olive oil to top up the sesame oil.

The dish needs lemon. A really good accompaniment is crushed, lemony, potatoes which add the lemon and also soak up the juices. Rather surprisingly, this also goes very well with rösti. A crisp green salad or some green beans would complete the meal.

Here’s what to do:

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