Scallops With Rum and Lime….and an optional orange variant

Scallops really are the ultimate instant meal, we’re talking less than a couple of minutes. They’re expensive, but they’re also very rich and filling – you don’t need many – six is plenty as a main course.

The happy pairing of bacon with seafood is well known – sweet and salty does it – but adding in the lime adds some fresh acidity to counter the richness of the scallops.

Serve this with a watercress salad, punctuated with a few snipped spring onions.

As a final interesting and rather successful varient you can give the whole dish an orange turn, by adding a few drops of orange bitters – I would buy Regan’s orange bitters No 6 as a result of reading an excellent survey on Jay Hepburn’s Oh Gosh site (unfortunately he no longer runs it). If you do this you could add some thin slices of orange to your watercress salad.

What would this go with well in terms of drink…. a Mojito of course!

You may also be interested in Galway Races Scallops With a Pernod-Cream Sauce.

scallops with lime

Recipe for Scallops with Rum and Lime

Serves 2 as a supper with a watercress salad, and maybe some mashed potato. It would also make a good starter for double the number of people.


  • 12 scallops (hand dived Sconser scallops)
  • 4 rashers of bacon
  • 1 fat clove of garlic
  • juice and zest of a lime (use the other half of the lime to make a dressing for the salad)
  • 4 tbsps olive oil 
  • 6 drops of orange bitters – I would buy Regan’s orange bitters No 6 as a result of reading an excellent survey on the Oh Gosh site. (optional)
  • butter for frying
  • 2 tsps white rum (again, this is optional – don’t worry if you can’t lay your hands on any)
  • small bunch of coriander (or chives) chopped
  • smoked salt and smoked paprika


  1. Crush the garlic with the smoked salt and add to the oil, the bitters (if using), and the lime juice and zest.
  2. Marinate the scallops in this mix for about half an hour
  3. Chop the bacon and fry it as much as possible in its own fat, but add butter to stop the frying pan getting dry
  4. Add more butter and get it foaming, then add the scallops, cook them for a minute on one side; then turn and cook for another 30 seconds or so. They should just be beginning to caramelise. Don’t cook scallops for too long or they will become rubbery.
  5. At the last minute add the rum, the marinade, and a generous handful of snipped coriander (add any left over to the salad).
scallops with lime
scallops with rum and lime
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