Secret Snack Sandwich Recipe For One, Or Illicit Nibbles To Share With A Drink…..Naughty But Nice

I was sent one of those awful chain emails not long ago which promised some fifty or so cherished recipes if only I would pass on one to twenty people – and there were dire threats as to how much I would be letting people down if I didn’t cooperate. I normally won’t be bullied by these approaches (they are lucky to get through our virus protection) and simply delete, but since this was sent by not just one niece, but two I felt I had to participate.

The process became depressing. I found I was struggling to even find twenty friends who I could bear to pass this poisoned chalice onto (I had noticed the nieces didn’t include any of the other aunts in the circulation). Once the final mail was sent I got deserved raspberries from many who either said this was the third time round for them with this email (why was I at the end of the circulation?) or that they didn’t go in for this sort of thing. I couldn’t blame them.

Only a little less galling than all of this was the fact that I wasn’t getting fifty recipes… not twenty…not ten. I got one…. But it is a beaut, and I am sharing it with you.

My benefactress writes that this is her secret snack. I agree, it would make a good snack especially if you were on your own.

It’s not quite in the fried Mars Bars league of healthiness, but it’s on its way there and this is not the sort of snack you would want to be seen eating in public… well, at least not anywhere near a salad bar.

I find it works also rather well, cut into small triangles, as a sort of poor man’s canapé. It’s paired with a perfect dry Martini in the November menus on Saucy Dressings….slightly ridiculous to sublime….


Recipe for secret snack for one; or illicit canapés for two

For one person’s illicit snack, or for two people with a drink


  • Some Primula/Dairylea cheese (pinched from the children) – the sort that comes in prepacked foiltriangles – you need two triangles
  • Dried Herbes de Provence or whatever is left in your cupboard
  • 2 pieces of white bread (thinnish) – the polystyrene type works quite well
  • Butter
  • Smoked salt
  • Bitter-sweet smoked Spanish paprika


  1. Spread the one piece of bread quite thickly with the cheese spread and sprinkle on the herbs.
  2. Place the other piece on top.
  3. Butter the outside of both sides of your sandwich and then
  4. fry in a pan on each side until golden brown.
  5. sprinkle with the salt and paprika
  6. Eat straight away but don’t burn your tongue in the rush..yum.


The post is dedicated to Alison Mostyn.


For all sorts of other recipes for canapés on Saucy Dressings, follow this link.


vache qui rit
Use the type of plastic cheese which comes wrapped in foil.



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