Sweetcorn, chorizo and chicken soup

“I’m about to cook one of your soups. I use your recipes all the time.”

So came through an encouraging WhatsApp message from a friend. I asked which soup.

“The sweetcorn and chicken soup. Always a favourite – Venetia asked me for the recipe the other day when she was in Amsterdam”.

I looked up the recipe and found I’d given it to her after she’d visited in April 2010! About time to put it on to Saucy I should say.

With a good crusty loaf this makes a hearty lunch. It’s a very good way of using up leftover chicken – especially as you may well have the sweetcorn, the potatoes, and the onion in your larder. I usually have a big chorizo sausage in my fridge, which I hack bits off from time to time.

If you haven’t got any chorizo, use lardons and add them with the onion. Add a little extra Urfa pepper to ratchet up the heat there would have been in the chorizo.

The great thing about this soup is that you don’t have to blend it… the technique is simply heat; throw in bits; simmer, stir; throw in more bits; serve!

This post is dedicated to Bryony and Venetia Cohen.
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