Surprising and Forbidden Dark Easter cookies

Ok, so how do I justify the alluring name for these Easter cookies?


They are definitely surprising, unless you are either the creator of these cookies; or you’ve issued a spoiler.

They look just like ordinary double dark chocolate cookies… alright, maybe with a bit of a lump in the middle. But a whole chocolate egg hidden within the depths of the rich, dark cookie dough? Well, for the unsuspecting, it’s a surprise.


And they are forbidden. Well, at least in the United States they are illegal. Or at least British Cadbury Crème Eggs are illegal in the USA. And, yes, there is a difference between Cadbury’s and the competition. The principal ingredient in the British version is milk, whereas over the pond, in the locally-grown Hershey’s version, it is sugar. The result makes British eggs creamier and fudgier, which some people (74% in fact, in a Royal Society Taste Challenge) prefer.

There’s nothing wrong with the British version, that makes it in some way unsafe to eat in the States. It’s all down to a licencing agreement and Hershey trying to ‘protect its trademark rights’. But in the UK, a country beleaguered by Brexit bans on innumerable treats from Bordeaux to Brie, it’s comforting to know there’s another nation which is cut off from yearned-for treats.  I’m aware that’s not a very seasonally Christian sentiment!


And ‘dark’ is obvious. Everything about these cookies is daringly dark: dark brown sugar, Dutch cocoa and, of course, dark chocolate.

Over the last year or so, baking has become The Thing. So this Easter don’t just give bought chocolate eggs…. Instead make something of them, give a little more, give an experience!


Here’s how.

This post is dedicated to Ayla Eddery.

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